Prototype Edit

DTL-H500 PS-X Target Box

DTL-H505 PS-X Target Box

DTL-H500C Controller for DTL-H500/505

Development Boards Edit

DTL-S510B SDevTC Interface Board

DTL-H2000 ISA Board

DTL-H2000C Controller for DTL-H2000

DTL-H2500 PCI Board

DTL-H2700 ISA Board + Performance Analyzer

Artist Boards Edit

DTL-H201A Graphic Artist Board

DTL-H700 Sound Artist Board (NuBus for Mac)

DTL-H700A Sound Artist Board (NuBus for Mac)

DTL-H800 Sound Artist Board

Other boards Edit


DTL-H220 / DTL-S220?

DTL-H2020 CD-ROM Emulator ISA Board

DTL-S2020 CD-ROM Emulator

Other (WIP) Edit

DTL-H2040 Memory Card Box

DTL-H2050 Adapter for controller port

DTL-H2080 Controller Box

Combat Cable

DTL-H1030 Mouse

DTL-S2900 CD Emulation System provided in external unit

DTL-S2910 CD Emulation System provided on a board

CDW-900E Master Disc Burner

CDU-920S External Master Disc burner

CDU-921S External Master Disc burner

CDU-9211S External/Internal Master Disc Burner

DTL-H2010 External CD-Rom Drive (for use with H2000)

DTL-S2035 CD Write Once Generator Same as CD-ROM Generator?

DTL-H2510 Internal CD-Rom drives for use with H2500 or H2700

CDR71PS Master Disc - Blank CD-R

DTL-H2060 Link Cable for DTL-H2500

DTL-K1 Programmer Toolkit

DTL-K2 Graphic Artist Tool

DTL-K3 Sound Artist Tool

DTL-H1500 Network Attachment Box Connects via Ethernet to SGI box; connects to Debugging Station via Parallel I/O connector

PsyQ Target Interface (Blue Dongle, Parallel Port)

PSY-Q Development System Datakey 2.3

DEX-4000 PDA (PocketStation) standalone development box

Multi-ICE 3rd Party Hardware Debugger for PocketStation

SCPH-2000 Keyboard Adapter (Prototype)

Debugging Stations Edit

DTL-H1001 Blue debugging (US)

DTL-H1002 Debugging Station (EU)

DTL-H1100 Debugging Station (JP)

DTL-H1101 Blue Debugging Station (US) with external Power Supply

DTL-H1102 Debugging Station (EU) Blue

DTL-H1200 Debugging Station (JP) Green

DTL-H1201 Green Debugging Station (US)

DTL-H1202 Green Debugging Station (EU)

Net Yaroze Edit

DTL-H3000 Net Yaroze (JP)

DTL-H3001 Net Yaroze (US)

DTL-H3002 Net Yaroze (EU)

DTL-H3010 Net Yaroze Controller

DTL-H3020 Net Yaroze Access Card

DTL-H3050 Net Yaroze Serial Cable RS-232

DTL-S3000 Net Yaroze JP Software Package comes with DTL-H3000


DTL-S3005 Net Yaroze US/EU Software Package comes with DTL-H3002